Friday, August 31, 2007

Mother Teresa, Come Be My Light

Late night post...hope this makes sense:

Did you hear about this book coming out?

It is a collection of letters, written by Mother Teresa. The publishing of the book itself is controversial, in large part because Mother Teresa asked that her letters be destroyed. Nonetheless, the author claims that frequently "saints" ask this about their writings, but that the Catholic church will hold onto any writings it deems valuable to its believers.

Using realplayer or windows media, listen to this interesting story I heard on NPR today (on the show On Point):

Like many others, I admired Mother Teresa from early in my childhood, but if you've ever read a book on her, you'll know what I mean when I say I have frequently been disappointed with how media/books simplify her into something almost inhuman.

I can't help but desire to read the book. It sounds amazing.

I wish to discuss this further, though my internet access is still limited so it will be slow coming (my laptop delivery has been further delayed to September 10-12th). Still, if any of you are still reading and have been following this story or listen to the fascinating piece above, post your thoughts in a comment to my post.

Okay, I have to head to bed. It is 2am and I need to be up at 7.


sf said...

Mine too. I will take your recommendation, SM. Did you already pre-order?
ya mummy

The Procrastinator said...

Not only did I not pre-order (since N's son, M, works at and has a discount at a bookstore here), I forgot to go pick it up. Aack! I had to work all day from basically dawn to dusk, and it is going to be that way all week. Wah! I can't wait.

sf said...

I hope that soon this little writing light of yours is gonna shine shine shine.
your mumma

sf said...

Looking forward to your next blogging moment. . .