Monday, August 6, 2007

How to survive life with one skillet

So we are hoping to put our house up on the market within a week or so. We decided to have the movers pack up most of our things now so that our house shows better. The idea is that a cluttered house looks smaller, and small is not good when one is trying to sell one's house. We now have one medium size pot and one cast iron skillet in which to cook. We also have a microwave. Since G will be stuck with this situation for a while, I went online tonight to find skillet meal recipes. I have found some interesting ideas:

We live two blocks from a bakery where G could easily pick up pizza dough so she doesn't have to make it herself, so it looks like this could be fairly simple for her.

Another intriguing recipe from the same site is for "roast herb artichokes." You can view it here:

And check out this vegetarian "jambayla," which seems like a cross between some of our other family favorites:

This one wasn't too exciting, but a 15 minute meal sounds like a good plan:

Skillet lasagna also seemed to be a popular item in my search. We'd have to substitute something for the ground beef called for in most of the recipes (we're vegetarians), and we couldn't do it often since M has a dairy (and soy) sensitivity, but below is a picture from

I hope G has a chance to try some of these. Mmmm.

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