Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Lest I appear to be full of only despair right now, I thought I would share a couple of things.

First, as painful as it is to be moving before my wife and children are able to move, I am very much looking forward to my new ministry. It is truly, truly, truly exciting, and I feel blessed to be partnering with this congregation. I also believe the time to get settled in my work there without the usual, daily family obligations will give me better roots.

Second, there are some things bringing me comfort at this time. I think a lot about the men and women in the military who go through indefinite periods of being apart from their families all the time. It is difficult, but none of us are alone. My wife and children and I do not know when we will be reunited, but I am blessed, as I am not facing combat, but rather making an exciting and positive move in my life. Over the long haul, this move is one G and I chose because it will be good for our family. And while we do face the possibility of loss during this time apart, if we are unable to adopt K, we have to believe that in all likelihood, the system will allow her to be with her birthfamily only if it is safe. We want an ethical adoption. We pray we are correct in our belief, and moreso, we pray that the judge will rule with not only her safety, but with her best interests in mind.

Another comfort is this:

I had the pleasure recently of listening to the Rev. Meg Barnhouse (http://www.megbarnhouse.com/). Her song, "All Will Be Well" (http://www.megbarnhouse.com/gpage.html) touched my faith deeply. She described the song as a conversation she has had in her head with the 14th century Christian mystic, Julian of Norwich. For an interesting sermon about Julian, check out: http://www.gracecathedral.org/church/sermon/ser_20070506.shtml. In any case, the song is tremendously comforting to me, and I have ordered the CD.

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