Saturday, August 4, 2007

I hope you will forgive me

I've been writing blog posts in my head for the past few days, in anticipation of actually creating a blog. I have been waxing poetic all over the place. But now that I am actually sitting in front of my computer with a blank page, my mind has suddenly frozen. Forgive the rough start that I am sure this will be as I test drive the world of blogging. I hope that in short order you will find this a very interesting place to visit.

That said, I am exhausted right now. G and I just sat down and plotted out what our next nine days-- my last nine days here in town before I move-- will look like. The list of things to get done is endless, and when I think about it, it makes me want to sleep. Of course all I really want to spend my last days here doing is savoring these moments with my family before we are apart.
I guess this would be one of those instances when I should just do what I can, and then surrender the rest.

On a brighter note, here is a little car-related story. We've gone back and forth about purchasing a car for life in our new state. We have a 2001 Mazda MPV and a 1993 Toyota Corolla. The Corolla has been so trusty and good to us, but we have put tons and tons and tons of miles on it. We've had some trouble deciding if it will be worth the cost of having it moved with all our stuff.
I think we have been pushed into a decision, now, though, since I will be leaving on a plane at least a couple months before our stuff is moved and the rest of the family arrives. So we've been talking, and we have decided I may truly need to buy a car.
When G and I shop for cars, we tend to hold out for the rare "older" car with low miles thing. Five years ago we bought a 1983 (!) Dodge Aries with only 33,000 miles on it for $850. When we took it to the mechanic to get checked out before we bought it, she said the biggest problem with the car is that it suffered from lack of use. Had I not been rear ended a half year later, I am sure we'd still be enjoying that gem.
Anyway, we are lucky enough to have stumbled upon this beautiful station wagon above. It is selling out in our new state. It is a 2004 but has just under 7,000 miles on it! We had been wanting a wagon for the ease of fit with the two car seats. G's brother's wife, "N," is test driving it for us tomorrow. I'm not sure how we'd come up with the money for this kind of a purchase, but the low miles just might be worth some tricky financial moves. It is around $11,000. I'm excited to hear how the test drive goes.

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