Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Well, some good news from my day:

1. G's brother M (N's husband) test drove the car and said it was good. We have put down a deposit so that we can get an independent mechanic to check it out. I also looked up its true market value on http://www.edmunds.com/, and decided I could safely begin negotiating the price at $10,300...still a lot more than we had wanted to spend, but the car is virtually new.

2. I had one more person from the congregation call back to volunteer in the children and youth ministry for the coming year. I had four volunteer slots open, and now only three. I'd like to leave town with them all filled, so I can rest well knowing that I left things in fairly good shape.

3. Some funds that were needed for a special program in the children and youth ministry were granted generously by the executive committee.

4. G's supervisor called and they chatted for a bit. It looks like G is going to have some more time to decide whether she will resign now, or whether she will wait until after K's case is closed (thus extending our months of dual income).

I LOOOOOVE good news!!

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H&B's Mama said...

Yay for good news! I hope that your pain of separation from your children is eased soon. Love reading your blog.