Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And to break the theme of my last few posts...

...since I don't have time to finish my autistic allies series right now but don't really want a diary-style blog...

I will post some shameless political evangalism.

Now I feel I must say that I don't follow politics much these days. But a couple of years before the name "Obama" started getting tossed about in the public arena, before many of you probably had heard of Barack Obama, I saw him speak and I said, "This guy ought to be the president of our great country." I have never been so stirred about any politician in the past, including Clinton. I waffled a bit early on in the campaigns, but the specific plans coming from Obama continue to be the better in my humble opinion, than any candidate republican or democrat.

Two of the many reasons I love Obama (watch the videos in the links...most are very short):

Also check out the following, but once you click into the videos, watch the one called "Our Kids, Our Future" instead of or in addition to the main one in the link:

Having said all that, just for fun I am sure most of you have seen by now:
But did you see this: -- "like hope, but different"

Love, masasa

Another Break For Personal News...

I don't intend this to be a diary style blog, but I have some interesting news.

1. Our house is under contract again. The first inspection is Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

2. I leave for New Orleans also on Thursday. Gah! So much still to do.

3. I received some interesting medical news Monday. I had gone to see a neurologist after G. begged and pleaded. My memory and clarity of thought has become very poor in the last year. The neurologist first gave me a very encouraging prediction. She looked at my throat, noted that it is especially small, and suggested that sleep apnea might be causing not only my neurological symptoms, but also my longtime chronic fatigue. This made me so super duper excited because sleep apnea is treatable with oxygen (read: no side effects other than having to sleep with equipment, a relatively common and doable condition, etc.).

I went and had my sleep study and have been eagerly awaiting my order of oxygen. But the sleep study didn't come back indicating sleep apnea. Instead, it actually brought up some other concerns. I haven't spoken with the neurologist in person yet, but given the little bit that the nurse said and the testing the neurologist has ordered (to happen immediately...they wanted it done this week, but I am going to do it as soon as I get back from New Orleans), it seems she is concerned I am having seizures. If I am having seizures, the questions to me seem to be, what is the cause and what is the treatment?

I am feeling a mixture of being scared and sad, but mostly, excited and eager to have some answers. I hope this isn't a false lead only in that I really want to know what is going on.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Deal Fell Through

Just a brief note to say that our deal fell through during the 10 day inspection period over which the buyer can back out. It wasn't the result of inspections. She got worried about her monthly payments. We're keeping our fingers crossed that a new contract is coming our way.

I am heading out to New Orleans this coming week for Katrina recovery work. I may not be able to post for a week or two, but please, please check back...especially as I look forward to finishing my series on autistic allies.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Offer Accepted

While giving folks time for my allie series, I thought I'd just do a quick post to say our home went under contract today. The buyer accepted our counter-offer, which was for our original "worst case scenario" that we budgeted.

It is for an amount which will allow us to pay off our debts. I am praying we'll have enough money left when all is said and done to still have a small downpayment for a house out here, but we'll have to crunch the numbers. If they want us to do anything after the inspections are all complete, we may be in a tough position. I really don't want to go under this amount.

Overall, I am having an interesting emotional response to all this. I am overcome with a silmultaneous flood of regret in leaving this home behind, and absolute relief that we have a buyer, pending any additional inspections (which they've already begun).

I think a true grieving process about this move has begun.

I loved this little house. Most of the best things in my life happened at this house. G. and I closed on this house just before our wedding. I first responded to my vocational call in this house. We became parents in this house. Our children were born while we were living there.

I will miss the community we lived in an incredible amount. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but...
letting go is much harder than I anticipated.