Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And to break the theme of my last few posts...

...since I don't have time to finish my autistic allies series right now but don't really want a diary-style blog...

I will post some shameless political evangalism.

Now I feel I must say that I don't follow politics much these days. But a couple of years before the name "Obama" started getting tossed about in the public arena, before many of you probably had heard of Barack Obama, I saw him speak and I said, "This guy ought to be the president of our great country." I have never been so stirred about any politician in the past, including Clinton. I waffled a bit early on in the campaigns, but the specific plans coming from Obama continue to be the better in my humble opinion, than any candidate republican or democrat.

Two of the many reasons I love Obama (watch the videos in the links...most are very short):

Also check out the following, but once you click into the videos, watch the one called "Our Kids, Our Future" instead of or in addition to the main one in the link:

Having said all that, just for fun I am sure most of you have seen by now:
But did you see this: -- "like hope, but different"

Love, masasa

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sf said...

Like HOPE, but different! Effin' HILARIOUS!!!