Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last of personal posts for a while:

I am back from a busy month, and I am getting ready to post again. I'll be returning to opinions, politics, religion, medical ethics, and that sort of thing with my next post, so this will be my last personal post for a while.

Just to tie up some loose ends:

1. We finally SOLD the house! Someone got a sweet deal on it, but now we can move on. In this market, we're lucky to have sold at all.

2. I am still undergoing the necessary neurological testing. I have an appointment on Friday at which I hope to finally have some answers.

3. For those who haven't heard our very sad news: our younger dog, B. died on Valentines Day. He was six years old. It was awful. His leash somehow wasn't fully clipped onto his harness and it snapped off and he went running. M. was frantic and kept calling and calling him. We tried to stay calm, but he wouldn't come back home so we decided we had to wait for him to come back on his own. B. has always been one to run farther and faster if someone is after him, and we didn't want to chase him off. He was hit by a car 45 minutes later. He lived for a short while, but by the time we spotted the police car out at the main road and I got over there, he was dead. It is sooooooo sad, and we all miss him like crazy (except maybe K. who at least seems unphased).

4. I do hope to post about New Orleans within the next week or two. Thanks a million to those who supported the trip. You were all so generous!


Sara said...

I'm so sorry to hear about B! That is a terrible way to lose a dog, and I know you will mourn him. Take care of yourselves, and I'm thinking of you all.

Masasa said...

Thank you Sara. Love to you too.