Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost Videos

So I discovered after my last post (which I wrote over several weeks before posting), that all videos by Christschool have been taken off You Tube by Christschool himself. I don't know what happened, but I know for a very long time that he has taken a lot of grief from You Tube users who hurl insults for entertainment.

In any case, I am so saddened by the loss of his videos, which were a major piece of my writings below. I do hope that you can perhaps get some idea of what the videos were about by the context of my posts. But after all the time I have put into this, I admit that this is a huge let down.

So sad.


sf said...

People are so rude and mean! Why, lord, why?
your mummy

Masasa said...

Well I have read up a bit and I continue to feel that the loss of his videos is very sad. Many of them, particularly the images of him and his son together, were very helpful for me in my journey to date.

I am not sure anyone knows *exactly* why he left You Tube, and more importantly, why he removed all the videos.

I do know there were folks who hurled insults as entertainment, and I do think those were rude and mean.

I do know he was on the receiving end of many attacks because of his views, and some of them were rather cruel. There is really not excuse for that.

But I was reminded today that some of his videos were very extreme (these I stayed away from because they were not useful for civilized discourse), and other folks say they felt attacked by him too. So I suppose some of this is probably just your run of the mill internet drama too [sigh...oh, why must adults so often revert to childishness].

Regardless of the cause, it really is too bad that some extremely informative and also some incredibly inspirational videos were erased from the public eye. Such an unfortunate end.

Posautive Info said...

He has a blog where he's reposting the movies. It's under construction right now, but he does have some posts on there. It's at