Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well, you've been on my mind. I can't just let this one go...not another blog ditched just a few months in. No, I'm sticking with it this time.

I'm ready to talk about neurological diversity,
what my kids are up to,
adoption reform,
my family's continuing struggle to finish our move to New England,
why the average Unitarian Universalist is UU for just five years,

the debate over charter schools and my effort to start one,
why my homestudy has gone haywire,
what makes a congregation really welcoming,
the Mother Theresa book,
why I think the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine should start apologizing to the public because of a man named Kurt Tyson,
my February trip to New Orleans for hurricane recovery,
compost for beginners,
city planning,
my search for friends in my new state,
and anything I've heard about on NPR at any moment.

But I'll start with just the cutest little story about Baby M, who is not technically a baby, but in fact turning three in April (I really just cannot wrap my head around that one).

So I've been asking M what kind of a birthday party he is going to have.

The other day, he finally answered me. He said, "a surprise party."

This really got me cracking up. My mom sent a copy of Miss Spider's ABC book a while back (

It has all these little bugs getting ready for a party...and then on the second to last page it is dark. All you can see are the bugs eyes, and it says "sshhhhhhh..." and then you turn to the last page and it says "Surprise! Happy birthday Miss Spider!" My little M loooooooves that book (his favorite page is M: Moths Mingle).


sf said...

He's so cute! Surprise, baby, surprise!

Masasa said...

Ooo! Ooo! My first comment. He IS cute, isn't he?!!