Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Day Delay

There are still one or two more posts in my series "Journey of an Aspiring Allie." I had promised not to post anything else until I completed the series, but this evening we got an offer on our house that is for sale.

It is probably way too low for us to accept, but we've got a lot to figure out, especially if we're going to take a risk and not accept the offer. Also, I found out tonight that my dad is near us on business. He didn't contact us because he is not able to get a break from work to drive out to see us and he knows I am afraid to drive in the city where he is, but G. and I decided if we drive up there early enough in the morning we could miss a lot of the traffic and surprise him and catch him for breakfast. So off to bed instead of posting, and I will continue my series tomorrow.

Sleep well folks.

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