Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Know What?! I Am Good At This!

Every once in a while, it is good for a person in a marriage to be challenged into decision-making without over-consultation with the other party.

Buying a house is, in my opinion, a decision best made jointly. But there was a lot of prep that went into making it possible for me, during G.'s trip, to follow through with what I understand to be our shared desires, without G being here in person. There wouldn't have been time to do it any other way.

I learned yesterday and today as I:
  • viewed the house,
  • decided on an offer price,
  • put down an offer,
  • began collecting more information about mortgages and making initial decisions about home loan programs,
  • received information about the bidding war and made a decision to change our offer price,
  • received more information about the bidding war, and made decisions about addendums to the offer

...that I am more capable than I'd been giving myself credit for lately. I received a lot of little affirmations regarding my ability to be astute, to be sharp and flexible at the same time, to ask the right questions, to study a situation and act on it in the best way I can for my family, to track down the information I need when I need it, and to think quickly.

And here is the other thing. I learned just how much G. trusts me. I learned about her ability to relinquish control when it is a well-informed and necessary action, and to have faith that even if things don't work out perfectly, that I have acted in our best interests to my fullest knowledge.

I am proud of myself. And oh my goodness, do I love G. soooooooo much. She is incredible! She is a strong, thoughtful, sharing, diligent, and trusting person with whom to share my life. Though the nitty gritty work was largely my own today and yesterday, it is the work we have done together, and the search process we have been on together for a new home for about a year now, that resulted in the events of today.

I pray for continued happy endings to each segment of the journey as we make our way to our new home.


sf said...

Happy Mother's Day, my girlies.

Masasa said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you!