Friday, May 2, 2008

Remember this House?

Remember this house?

Well, they've lowered the price by $15,000 or something. I have a feeling buyers are being turned off by the notion that this is a short-sale.

As for the rehab house, alright I concede, it looks like it may indeed be too much of a project (we're still deciding), as much as it might result in a dreamy house in the end!

We have another house we are going to look at on Sunday, about a half mile from the rehab house. Its location isn't quite as much of a match with our desires, but I still like the location better than the one above. It is as small as our old cramped house, but the house is super cheap (even cheaper than the rehab property!!! We will see what kind of work it needs).

But if we don't think this one is worth an offer after we look on Sunday, I think we might go ahead and throw our names in the hat for the one above. I am feeling so perfectly done with looking.

Below is the one we'll be looking at on Sunday. I'm not a fan of the overall style, for whatever reason, it is still on a busy street (re-sale issue), and it is situated between two funky properties--one rather unkempt-- but at this price, we'd have some room to make some improvements and maybe even expand this house a little. Plus, it does have a porch of some kind. And I bet pulling out those oh so perfectly groomed bushes might help too.

To see the listing, go to, scroll down to where it asks for the MLS number, and plug in the following number (but take out all the spaces):

MLS # 7 07 431 36

For some reason the listing doesn't have the indoor photos, so here they are as sent to us by our agent upon our request (she had it from the last time it was listed, as it is a "back on the market property" from an estate...our agent said she's shown it before and that it is cute...the pictures indicate that some sweat equity will be needed):


sf said...

I actually love the black and pink in the bathroom. It's retro-mod. Pretty, I would be psyched. . .

Masasa said...

There was pink and black in the rehab house bathroom too. Gina was pysched as well. It's not really "me" is the only thing.

BlessedUtopia said...

That coffee table...I love it!!! Where oh where did it come from???

Masasa said...

It is a fun coffee table LOL. I didn't see it in the house today though. Must have gone when the renters came in ;-).

So I wasn't a big fan of the house, nor was G. We actually drove to a small town near us and checked out two properties we are going to suggest to the realtor that we go ahead and check out. They were both *right* next to two parks. I am not one for small town living, but the "downtown" area of this small town was just about 0.5-1 mile away, so there are a couple things to which we could walk with relative ease, toddlers in tow.

Our realtor is sensing how "done" I am with this search, and she just sent seven different listing to us in a big push to find us a house we can love. She says our expectations are realistic enough, so "there has got to be a house out there." Only thing is that the seven listings she sent us are not "us" at all. We'll have to drive by and see if at least the location could be "us." She is very well aware of our location preferences.

Otherwise, I am still seeing a potential offer for the stucco house. We drove by it again tonight and found some more places we could walk to.

And the price getting lowered was encouraging.

My guess I won't last through the upcoming week.