Friday, May 9, 2008

Please send us good housing thoughts...

The latest:

The house has had showing after showing since officially going on the market. There is one other offer already. They had the advantage knowing there was already an offer on the table, so who knows what they put in...we did up our offer in response to that, but will it be enough???

They were going to meet about all this just over an hour ago, but I have heard not a thing. So, my heart is racing, just POUNDING.

I want to hear something!

(Also, our landlord called and said since she knows we are actively looking to put down an offer somewhere, she is going to start showing the house to renters rather than offering us the three month lease we'd all agreed on. I am starting to feel a lot of pressure building from all corners. Acck. It does not feel good.)

If you are willing, please send us good thoughts, visualize us in this house, whatever you are comfortable doing for us. Just being surrounded by your positive hopes means a lot to us.

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