Sunday, May 25, 2008

From My Brother's Wedding

My brother was married today. For him and his wife, I wish blessings and love and growth and joy...and all the best of marriage.

My brother asked just before the wedding if K. might bring up the rings. I told him-- and I think wisely-- there was a near certainty that this would go haywire, but that with M., there was a good chance he could pull it off without too much craziness.

I did not overestimate my son.

(apologies for my funky camera issues)

Though he had trouble being a guest of the wedding, sitting quietly and attentively (he still did pretty well, I think, for an extremely active barely-three year old), he was a good ring-bearer. He took his job VERY seriously. He had the rings in his pockets, which he dutifully did not touch until I sent him up to the front of the room to hand them over. When he arrived at his destination, he dug in his pockets-- undistracted by the patient, loving laughter-- until he located each ring, one at a time, and gave them to S. and H.

It was so sweet to see him complete his job with success. And I know he felt like a meaningful part of things because of that moment.

G. and I were talking the other day about how many people before they know M. well underestimate his capabilities. I am sure this is largely a function of his communication delays. He also has such a different neurological approach to life, and his overall processing of information can be sporadic and unique in nature. But let it be known that I think M. is brilliant. In so many ways. He really is.

M. pays attention to everything. It is not obvious at all, but he watches and listens and catches everything going on around him. He has an incredible memory. Even several months before he turned three, he recounted to us events that had occurred a half year earlier. When he is focused, he has a very mechanical, problem-solving mind. He has a most excellent spatial sense, especially considering the challenges he has with his vestibular system, muscle tone, sensory processing, and motor planning. Way to go kid, and congratulations S. and H.


Sara said...

How cool for him! It sounds like a great event for him to be part of.

sf said...

He was so darling and so serious.
Good job Marcus!!

hopalong said...

I put up a Facebook album of some pictures from this past weekend (none of the wedding itself yet, unfortunately). I'll e-mail you the link to it, but I wanted to let you know that although there are pictures of M. and K. in there, their names are not included and the album is closed (meaning, only those individuals that I specifically choose can see it). If you'd like me to take the pictures of them down, though, it's done.

Masasa said...

Thanks hopalong. I would love to have the link...please do email it to me. And I think that sounds fine about the photos, since it is closed and thus similar to family/friend sharing over email.

By the way, I regularly send out photos of the kids via email to friends and family. Your hubby is on the email list, so I hope you see these. But if not, I'd be happy to include you if you want.

Oh, and I am so looking forward to seeing photos of the actual wedding. My camera was acting super funky.