Friday, July 18, 2008

Neighborhood Walkability

Thanks to my lovely mother for introducing me to On first glance, there seem to be a number of useful applications for such a website, including:
  • Gain some perspective on your neighborhood in the grand scheme of walkability
  • Find out the truth about places you want to live
  • Find great places to live if your options are open
  • Look for a good score to help your market your home when selling
  • Get assistance in evaluating a potential neighborhood when considering a new purchase or rental
  • Find out about treasures you can walk to in your neighborhood that you may not know about or may have overlooked
  • Enjoy some photos and/or reviews of familiar locations
  • Write your own reviews of locations in your neighborhood (just remember you have to confirm your email after registering before you can write a review)
  • Get tips to help you advocate for greater walkability where you live
  • Read "how it doesn't work" for an honest assessment of the website's own limitations, and ideas for other walkability considerations you might want to make
  • Read a blog of interest

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sf said...

It was fun hanging out with you on the phone as we examined your hood!