Saturday, July 26, 2008

Intermission Videos

I am taking a break from a brain-intensive project I am doing for work. Thought during my break I'd post some intermission videos (videos you can come back and enjoy as you have the time while I am taking a web and phone communication hiatus).

The video clips here (all of varying lengths) are all related to the following theme: TV and Movie Characters Who Could Just Be on the Autism Spectrum ;-)...

Dwight Schrute




Snape or Luna??

Gregory House



Napoleon Dynamite



(I've never seen this movie...but this video made me cry)

Forrest Gump



Jerry Espenson


sf said...

This was a diverse group of clips - it was funny trying to figure out why you had picked each one ---

Masasa said...

Well, I didn't contribute to the list of characters. I took the list from the discussion I linked, and then I just found whatever videos I could on YouTube that focused on the particular characters. That's why one of Snape's clips is more of someone's tribute to him rather than a clip per se...I couldn't find anything better on YouTube.

One thing I worried about when I posted the clips is that I didn't want to play up any stereotypes or depicit the spectrum as full of unlovable people (of course, I actually adore all these characters for the most part, but I suppose some of them are written to be the disturbing or annoying characters). Obviously I think quite the opposite.

I was hoping the variety of characters would help make the exagerations less intense. But I still love Dwight even when he is being a total a*hole.

Right now I am on a "Big Bang Theory" kick. I really get Sheldon. He's so different than me in so many ways, but man, I *get* him.

Masasa said...

Oh, and that Jerry, I want to kiss him...what a lovable scene that was!