Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Candidates Flip Flopping?

Of course both these videos are highly biased and ridiculously one-sided, but yeah, this is what is out there floating, and I do think it is important to be clear when folks are being incorrectly or correctly charged with being inconsistent.


Silver Gerety said...

My computer at work doesn't have sound and Heath took the laptop that works with her to Brooklyn. Can you give a synopsis?

Honestly, I haven't been paying that much attention to the election lately. I've been busy and both candidates have been making me feel a little queasy.

Masasa said...

I am not sure, for anyone trying to watch the second video but is having trouble, why it is suddenly formatting like it is. I am sorry.

Silv, here is a basic synopsis:

Video 1 is a series of footage, mostly of McCain speaking himself. It involves a variety of inconsistencies. First he is talking-- apparently from a first hand account-- about how much safer Iraq is and then is confronted by additional facts and back pedals. There are several clips showing him talking about voting for and against tax cuts, and one where he states that he is all for reducing taxes. He says on several occassions that he still needs to be educated on the economy, that he isn't as strong on that issue. But in another clip he says he has "extensive background and knowledge on the economy." Of course, there is also the inconsistency between what he says and what he does. He is quoted as having said that if he was the president during Hurricane Katrina, he would have been on the ground when it was going on. But during Hurricane Katrina, he was with the president celebrating his birthday.

The second video is footage of Obama that has received a lot of press and accussations of flip-flopping. In it, Obama is explaining his understanding of what needs to be done in Iraq, AND the idea that he is open to refining his policy on Iraq as the situation develops and as his picture of the situation develps. Then there is footage from a debate back in September (back when NONE of the candidates were saying they were ready to commit to an exit from Iraq by 2013) where he says basically the exact same thing. The "reporter" is asking, "where is the flip flop?"

I am excited, myself, not queasy, but as I said, these videos were ridiculously one-sided. None the less, worth bringing up since they are being discussed so widely.