Friday, July 18, 2008

CSA: Day 3

Yesterday we ignored the veggies in our fridge, but today we came back on board. G. says she is going to make "eggs in purgatory" tonight (a big bow to the Italian side):

She will be making her own sauce I am sure, so I am assuming/hoping this means she will use up some of our basil. She will likely throw in some of the squash too.

I tried a "green smoothie" this morning with G. and the kids. Hmmm. Not sure what to think. It was more purple than green because it included blueberries (which were too brilliant to be overwhelmed by the green) and strawberries. I only used about a leaf and a half of the swiss chard in a blender full of fruit and yogurt, fearful I couldn't tolerate more.

Sure enough, I definitely tasted the green leafy-ness, and it was bitter and a turn off. I was happy, at least, to be thinking of us all getting some good nutrients, until M. drank for a while and then said firmly, "not good." Argh. But he did finish it off and even had a little more after a break when he saw K. having some (they always want what the other has). So maybe it was bearable. K. seemed to like it, and she asked for seconds. I had to make another pitcher to accomodate her request. However, G. then finished the second pitcher because K. lost interest.

In the second pitcher I added some honey. We did not have any juice, and I thought perhaps we needed some more concentrated sweetness to balance the bitter. Honey made no difference, and apparently the leaves I picked for the second pitcher were more bitter than the first.

I really don't know what I am going to do with all this chard.

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