Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CSA Week One

There were delays, but we got our first CSA box this week. It had to sit outside for a while because we were out of town when we got confirmation that we were IN, but oh well. We can pick it up more fresh next week.

Here's what we have in terms of the green leafy things (we also got some blueberries, carrots, summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers). Continued suggestions...and education...welcome:

This seems to be a pretty straight-forward case of green cabbage.

Here's some swiss chard. This one was labeled.

At first glance we thought this was romaine or green leaf lettuce,
but after getting it out and taking a closer look, we decided it is most likely bok choi.

This does appear to be a lettuce. I am assuming green leaf. Maybe romaine???

I wish I could photograph SMELL. Mmmm. Parsley and basil, of course.

Okay, so not sure about these. We'd assume either is a red leaf lettuce, but there are two, and if you look at the photo, the leaves are distinctly different. Hmmmm(???)


Sara said...

Those are all lettuce that you think are lettuce. There are dozens of types of lettuce. For my garden I buy "lettuce mix" and I can't id all the different ones I get. Just eat them all like lettuce - salad, on sandwiches, etc.
I think the thing you think is bok choi is actually a cabbage. There are so many more types of cabbage than just the green and red you see in grocery stores, and that looks a lot like a cabbage I grew two years ago.
But in the end, you don't have to know what something is to eat it. Nibble a bit of it raw to see if you like the raw flavor. If you don't, steam or saute it.
Good luck and good eating!

sf said...

red butter leaf & just plain red. . .