Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sprint to Closing

It may be another week or two before I post anything good. I hope that won't prevent any of my six readers ;-) from coming back.

We are in the homestretch, the sprint to closing on our new house. Closing will happen Monday, and then we will take slightly less than two weeks for our move. It still feels uncertain. I am not sure whether that is because we are in a different state and the process is so unfamiliar, or if it is because of how the mortgage industry is right now, or because of all the trouble this purchase has been so far (a CONSTANT negotiation) or what. But I will believe it when those keys are in my hand.

If you looked around our house, you'd have NO idea we are moving.

Nonetheless, we're hammering in the final nails. Our attorney is working out some detail on the mortgage commitment letter with our lender. We have a tentative final walk-through time scheduled with our real estate agent. Our landlord has been showing our rental house like crazy, and we've been trying to stay out of her way. I am working on our homeowner's insurance application.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Edited to add:
How bad is old knob and tube wiring in an electrical system? Apparently, VERY bad. A few hours after posting the above, it began to complicate our lives a great deal-- particularly in getting home owner's insurance-- even though this wiring is a relatively small amount of the wiring in the house. Will this slow or stop our sprint to closing? Or cost of a couple thousand dollars we don't have? Maybe. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for us. As it turns out, I was right on in having a sense of caution.

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