Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Dream Bike

By the way, of course everyone in the below photos should be wearing helmets. Yikes!

This is my dream bike right now. I started reading the blog of someone using it, and I am just in awe. I could fit both kids AND groceries. Or heck, the dog. I could have a new baby and bring the baby too. I could bring loads of books and art supplies back and forth from work, even in the rain. I know it would be less maneuverable than a good ol' fashioned bike, but I don't mind. Really. I swear if I got this, I would drive only in the winter or when heading out of town. I am in LOVE.

It would pay off in gas, I am certain of it. Still, I don't have the money. The CHEAPEST is $2500 and would have to be shipped from out of country, putting it waaaaay over the top. Couldn't I build something like this within a $1000 range, somehow, if I knew some talent to help me??! Not that I can afford a $1000 bike either, can dream. Or fundraise???

On a related but different note, I was brought to this discovery by two paths:

1. I have been looking for a good bike and a good biking system where I can take the kids around town and also pick up groceries.

2. I have begun to tiptoe into a big debate on one of my online parenting boards about the safety of bike seats for young kids, versus bike trailers, versus riding in cars. I would LOVE to see any statistics anyone can dig up on each of the above three. I would like to do some comparison, taking into account that the studies might be apples to oranges. Still, I'd like to just see.


Sara said...

I like it! But it does look hard to maneuver. There are people riding around my neighborhood on what look like trikes for adults - and I don't get it. Is that supposed to be nicer to ride?
We've thought about bikes for our 2nd mode of transport, but that doesn't seem like it will work all the time. We're leaning toward a moped, but then we can't put the kids on that. Maybe a little all electric car.

Masasa said...

I thought it was interesting on that blog, that she didn't talk about difficulties with maneuvering the bike. Should her silence encourage me toward my fantasy about this bike?

I told G. I am considering selling my van for this bike. She said, "but that van was your dream car a few years ago," and I told her it still is, but I still have a dream bike to think about.

Still, she has a point. We rely on the van for times when we have more than two kids in the car, which will increase as we expand our family over the coming years. Also, G. is right that currently because she is traveling an hour and a half to visit her parents and sister about once a week, we can't do without two cars through the winter when it is snowy on the ground.

I think the moped would be great for you getting to work, but you are right that it is pretty inflexible because there wouldn't be a time you could use it with the kids. How much does a little electric car cost?

Still, I cling to my bike dreams. Part of it too is that I know I was healthier when I relied more on my bike for transportation, and that is something I want to pass onto my kids too.

I don't know!?