Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Recommendation: King Corn

I watched another food documentary on Instant Netflix today. The title was "King Corn." It featured a segment from Wray, Colorado. Funny that. I spent a summer in Wray. Right around the fifty-one minute mark of the movie...that's what I remember from driving into Wray. Cows packed into small confined spaces as tightly as they could fit, and the stench of it all.

This movie title and subtitle makes it seem like it is going to be predictable, and yeah, perhaps the message is (although G. thought the message was a little unclear, I thought it was a well told story). But it does some interesting things along the way, and it was a well worth-it and enjoyable watch. Around one hour and twelve minutes, when they started breaking down the farm by finances, the "a-ha" moments started rolling out one after another.

The only thing I found irritating about this video is that there was a whole segment on diabetes, but not once was type II explained as a disease seperate from type I, with a different cause, pathological process, and often scope of complication. That's one of my major pet peeves, so you can assume the movie had to have some redeeming qualities in order for me to recommend it.


sf said...

I remember when you lived in Wray!
Will check out the movie.

Masasa said...

Let me know when you do check it out...I'll be curious to hear what you think!