Sunday, June 22, 2008

$25 of Gas

This cartoon found at during an internet search using the term "tank of gas." By the way, like many others, on some significant level, I am hoping the price of gas remains high to affect change in U.S. consumption of fossil fuel resources. Still, I worry if I'll be able to afford to heat my house this winter, as it is oil heat.

I have sooooo much to post, but have been too busy with the move to actually take the time to do so. Hopefully in the next few days...

In the meantime, thought I would share quickly a challenge I have given myself now that we are in a better location for biking, walking, and bussing.

I filled up one of our cars the other day, the one I have been driving lately, with $25 of gas. This took it from slightly above 0.25 tank to about 0.75 tank. In other words, it was about a half tank. Now my challenge for myself is to measure how far I can get by before I get back down to that slightly above 0.25 mark. As time goes on, I hope to get longer and longer stretches from a half tank of gas.

Though G. and I decided we won't be selling one of our vehicles at this stage in our lives, if I can go long enough between gas refills, I will alternatively be considering "garaging" my car for a six month period. That is, putting it in the garage (except for occassionally drives around the neighborhood just to keep it from rusting out, etc. from non-use) and canceling my insurance policy. If the six months go well, I'll consider an extension. But first step is to see how well I do with the half tank.

I will share any observations worth sharing as/if I have them as I do this challenge. So far, my only observation is that this move wasted a good portion of my half tank!


Sara said...

Good luck! It's definitely a worthwhile effort.

Masasa said...

Thanks! I liked your gas mileage story from the kids. LOL.