Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Thoughts on Food

Have you all seen "Depression Cooking With Clara" videos? If not, check them out. I was struck primarily by the notion of turning off the stove and letting pasta cook itself just by sitting with the lid on.

Though Clara's egg drop soup recipe is nothing like "traditional" Chinese egg drop soup as far as I know, I liked her idea of bulking up egg drop soup with potatoes.

I make egg drop soup frequently for myself because it is basically zero Weight Watchers points and is surprisingly filling. I make a really simple version for reasons of economics and time: just broth, with egg whites dropped in through a fork (to break it up) once it is boils. Rarely I thicken the broth a little with a tiny bit of flour whipped in. I use egg whites alone per the standard recipe. Since I can't afford to waste yolks, I cook those up for my kids. Or sometimes I use egg substitute, as it is often more economical if I buy egg sub in bulk at only works with Egg Beaters though, no other brands.

I might try Clara's recipe as another egg soup recipe. I also think I'll start adding finely diced carrots and onions in my egg drop soup for more nutrition.

(Photo courtesy of Cake Wrecks)

Something interesting is happening between me and food right now. You know how some people find fats troublesome, and some people find sweets troublesome? As in, some people find they can't control themselves around fats, and others can't control themselves around sweets?

For many years, I have struggled not with fats or sweets, but with both of these. I love food, and I frequently crave fats and sweets. Nothing has worked to rid myself of the cravings, including attempts at getting through some type of "withdrawl" period and quitting "cold turkey."

Recently, however, I've found my desire for sweets to be very low. So low in fact that the idea of having something sweet at times is a total and utter turn off. It's not that I never crave sugar now. I do. But the cravings are less strong and far, far more infrequent. Yesterday I turned down a delicious-looking piece of from-scratch chocolate cake, two different types of ice cream, and an offer of Peanut M & Ms. I'm back to watering down any juices to basically flavored waters, something I have done only periodically over my adult years. And this morning when I saw ice cream sandwiches in my mother-in-law's freezer, they only caught attention briefly before I moved on.

I do think this is more consistent with my genetic make-up. In my family of origin everyone enjoys some sweet treats, but no one as far as I know is overboard in any way like I have been over the years. That watering down juice until it is flavored water thing? That came straight from my mother.

I don't know what is shifting, but I think this will be a nice wave to ride for a while. I am hoping the change in taste preferences is permanent, and for a good reason (growing out of sweets or something) rather than a bad one (my body compensating for wildly fluctuating hourly blood glucose levels from stress and life changes over the last couple years).

Either way, for now, I am quite happy and have a renewed sense of hope about getting my dietary life and overall state of health back in gear. Only problem is, my salty fats cravings have increased slightly...I'm finding that at times, in place of wanting a big slice of cake or something, I want a big snack of potato chips. That said, I'm not worried yet, as the increase is only very minor and might just be a matter of adjustment.


sf said...

Omigod that cake is hilarious and SOOOOO sad!!
Hey, I know what you can do. . .
increase your sleep time at night! Yeah that's the ticket.
luv ya

Sara said...

I find that my food cravings fluctuate with the weather, the amount of sunlight I'm getting, my hormonal cycle, how much exercise I'm getting, and how much sleep I'm getting.

I hope your cravings stay this way for you - I'm sure it's easier to manage.

Masasa said...

Yeah, LOL about that cake. And I know, mom, get more sleep at night is the way to go.

Sara, what's wild about this change in cravings is that nothing really has changed...not my sleep habits or exercise. Aunt Flo is visiting, but usually that makes me crave chocolate. Not this time though! We had some spring-like weather earlier this week, but I've not had this happen before at spring time (and I'm hoping it is more permanent than's to my wishful thinkin). I am sick, so maybe it is the fact that I was coming down with something, but I hope not.

The big change in my life is that we have had a huge weight come off our shoulders in terms of K's adoption. So that could be it, I guess. But it's totally wild because my sugar addiction has been present for years and years, through many highs and lows.

Thanks for sharing in my hopes that the change sticks. I really, really hope it does!

seppie said...

You might try kale chips (google it for recipes) to satisfy that salty fat craving in a healthy way.