Sunday, February 22, 2009

Antidote to Saccharine Laced Anthologies

Here is a book coming out sometime in the next few months, and it is going to be very good: I hope you all will pick up a copy.

Way back when, when the editors were first calling for submissions, this was the vision they described for their book: "My Baby Rides the Short Bus will be an antidote to the saccharine laced anthologies that exist for special needs parents. It will give punk, alternative, and marginalized parents a place to write about their realities."

I'm sure it will be interesting and moving reading for anyone, whether you have a kid with a so-called-special-need or not!


sf said...

The illustrations for it will be very cool --- LOVE that illustrator!

Masasa said...

Doesn't it look great? I'm happy with it so far...wish they'd send an exact publication date along, though. Couldn't find it searching Amazon, even though I know they can list stuff before publication for copy reservation.