Saturday, November 15, 2008

One More Reason to Homeschool

I have had to fight our school district pretty hard since M. turned three to keep him out of public school. It's been really tough having to stand up, only to be battered at every turn. I do it because I have seen with my own eyes the benefits Montessori has had in M's life, because I have observed the public school classroom recommended for M. and seen the sub-standard education offered, and because I have researched the heck out of it and made the decision I feel is most educationally sound.

Even though this isn't the reason I have M. doing partial homeschool and partial private Montessori school, this kind of thing is one more reassurance I've done the right thing:

My local school district has some crazy approaches to behavioral management, and I could totally see this kind of thing going on. In fact, I actually had to request a new school district speech therapist for M. after, among other things, his speech therapist grabbed his arm and yanked him very roughly right in front of me.

Everyday I am down on my knees saying my thanks that I have been able to keep ds out of harm's way, for the most part.


Layne said...

Thank you for your comments on my frogs! That was so nice. I am constantly on the fence about puting my own kids in school and that kind of thing just terrifies me.

Masasa said...

layne, sure! And yeah, the best thing I can recommend about the school thing is to beg them to let you observe the classes at the school. Once you observe, hopefully it will be an easy decision. By the way, your profile isn't visible when someone clicks on your name. If you enable it, more folks can hop over to your blog from mine.