Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On Request, an Ignore-This-Please Wishlist

It has been requested that we provide a wishlist of presents for the kids. I have been VERY reluctant to do that. I am giving in, but I would really like for this to be read first:

The kids have plenty. Please, do not feel compelled toward gift-giving. We are having a very tight year financially and are celebrating a simplified Christmas. We won't be giving gifts to others ourselves. We are finding tons of meaning in a more spiritually-focused Christmas, and do not have a need to have more gifts under our tree.

All that said, if you are among the folks trying to get a list for ideas, here you go:

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sf said...

Ahh, the holidays, with all the connotations and hopes we all put into varying traditions, including that of gift-giving! Tis the season, to ponder, worry, hey wait a sec!!!!