Sunday, November 30, 2008

Funny Christmas Cards

I've been working on holiday cards tonight, and it's time for a little break.

Here are some Christmas cards designed to get a laugh:


sf said...

You're so good. Every year, I have the best of intentions.
BTW the ELF yourself kidz vid was funny, but just a leetle bit scary, too!

Masasa said...

Like I said, we'll see if the cards actually get mailed. My usual pattern is to get all the cards done early, but then to never mail them (urgh!). When we moved, I found stacks of holiday cards written but never sent. What the heck is wrong with me?! ;-).

Anyway, we are doing pretty well this year. Tree is up, though the ornaments won't go up until tonight. The limited gifts we have are under the tree already. I have about 25% of the cards done. We've been doing our activity-based advent calendar.

I still have some decorating around the house I'd like to do, but so far, not bad. My goal is to have everything done by Saturday because we have a number of guests coming over.

Oh, I thought some of the cards on the posted page were totally tacky and whatnot. Way more than the elf's being scary. I thought the elves were hilarious and not scary in the least.