Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UU Presidential Race

I am not sure yet whether this post will mark a return from my online communication break (I've been sort of on and off), or whether it, and any that follow immediately afterward, will just be an official "break from my break." I'm still deciding what I can manage right now in terms of time and also interpersonal energy.

That said, I was going through a stack of papers in my office and came across a newsletter I haven't yet filed away from The First Unitarian Church of Dallas. The Rev. Laurel Hallman, Senior Minister of that congregation, is one of the candidates for President of the Unitarian Universalist Association in 2009. In the congregation's newsletter, was her website address, and I thought I'd post it here for any UUs out there. It is easy to be distracted by other things in life, including the very important presidential race for the United States government, but for UUs, we should be attentive to this on some level:

The other candidate is the Rev. Peter Morales. After a quick search I was able to locate his website:

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