Friday, August 29, 2008

Since I Don't Have Time To Blog Right Now

I don't have time to blog right now, so instead I will take the easy out and link you to some of the blogs *I* have been reading.

I hope you'll have some time to visit, who has written a couple of thought-provoking posts about Sarah Palin between yesterday and today. I just watched Palin's first speech with Senator McCain. I wasn't impressed, nor did I get the feeling that this is a woman rising to the top as much as a woman being given the opportunity to make a symbolic appearance at the top. That probably sounds harsh. It's a gut-level reaction to the way McCain introduced her, and her speech. I'll need to think about it some more before I can explain it better. It is notable, anyway, however that McCain has already decided recently to cast the VP's role as most importantly checking in with the president daily about his health (um, okay). I am not looking for a VP who plays nurse to the president, nor do I think Obama will be needing a nurse. But that alone brings up another issue with McCain's selection. Palin is just another health-crisis-for-McCain away from presidency if the two get elected. And she's only been a govenor for two years (just enough time to stir up a couple of ethics controversies). McCain has attacked Obama's level of experience, but where would a Palin presidency leave this country? I also had to laugh when she called McCain a threat to "business as usual" in Washington, since as has been pointed out multiple times by various folks, he has been a part of business as usual in Washington for what, thirty years or so.

Even moreso, I hope you'll read this lovely letter to the editor:, which Ms. Kitty at posted after reading it in her town's paper.


sf said...

Really? You don't have time to blog??
So what exactly was this - chopped liver??

Masasa said...

Yes, chopped liver :-p

Whenever I am blogging when I am supposed to be doing something else, I avoid blogging on anything I am overly eager to blog about (like adoption stuff...still need to finish that one) so I don't get carried away. And then I just keep telling myself, "just a couple more minutes." And totally convince myself that I have everything under control and am about to go do something USEFUL ANY minute.

So now my assignment for the next 7 days is to not even log on at all. Wish me luck!

sf said...

okay, sure, whatev. Good Luck!