Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Might Have Been Wrong About That (I Hope So!)

Haven't listened to much news media in the last day or so, but seems that the talk of Biden's statements regarding Obama's readiness have died down, at least for now in favor of DNC talk. I'm hoping that lasts and we can just pay mind to policies (Hah! Fat chance of that, I guess, since there are always apparently detractions from policies when it comes to mainstream media).


sf said...

Wouldn't it be swell if things always were really about the issues? In the meantime, here I am throwing to dust what I just wrote, because really I wanted to tell you I just noticed your pretty new profile pic!

sf said...

PS Heath recommended a book you would probably be interested in, by Anne Fadiman. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. It's non-fiction!

Masasa said...

I had put that book on my reading list sometime ago (who knows...maybe Heather was the one who recommended it to me too...no, wait, I think it was from an NPR interview???). I just need to get around to it. You know, after I finish reading some fiction ;-).