Friday, April 4, 2008

A 2008 Reading List

So my friend Sara, who you sometimes see posting comments here, has something brilliant on her website that I have to share. I don't know where it first originated, but it's fantastic! It is called 8 x 8 in '08 (aka the triple 8).

Check it out:

The idea is to read 8 books in 8 categories in 2008. I like this way of focusing my priorities for my reading list. 8 overlaps are allowed (The goal is 56 books).

Since I have an inclination toward single-minded obsessiveness and perseveration, a tool that rounds out my world a bit is a very useful one indeed. I'm not sure I'll get through this much reading in 2008, especially since I am starting in April or May and am a slow reader (and I often re-read chapters of books two or three times before moving on). Oh yeah, and I have 2-two year olds LOL. But I love the challenge!

I am thinking these will probably be my categories. I'll post my final reading list once I have it done.

1. From My Bookshelf-- Never Read or Started and Never Finished
2. Classics (Fiction)
3. Parenting
4. Related to My Vocation
5. Historical and/or Political Fiction
6. Historical, Political, and/or Scientific Nonfiction
7. Children's Literature (any genre or age level)
8. Biographies

Oh yes, and I should say that I will also make a goal to get a library card for my new city library. Though for me, the library is a dangerous thing because I forget to take stuff back. Okay, maybe not. We'll see.


Sara said...

I got the idea from this blog:

It's super fun, and keeps the reading list balanced. Have fun!

sf said...

This is SUCH a good idea!!!
(another) sarah