Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Worth It

This documentary is worth the time:


I am not sure how long the documentary will remain online. HBO said it would be available online on March 30th. I watched it on that day. As of today, it took some serious hunting to find it again. If you have HBO and can get it on demand, that'd probably be the way to go.

My only disclaimers: It's a documentary. It is interesting. I like the personal growth that is evident among the parents over time. I really liked "hearing" Neal's voice at the end. I am not advocating for any position or approach any person takes in this documentary at any particular time. Some things I could relate to, some I could not. Some approaches I felt were useful, some not.

But the video itself is thought-provoking and well worth viewing, and I encourage you to find some time to sit down and enjoy the show before it is unavailable online (or save it to your Netflix).

On a personal note, I am going in for my MRI on Wednesday. I have asked that I get my "commemorative CD" of the images on that same day. This was noted on my chart. I hope they do indeed give it to me on that day, and if so, I will post some images. I am THRILLED about the idea of having a map of my brain.

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