Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why is My Horoscope Always So Darn Accurate?!

Here is the monthly horoscope page from astrostyle.com: http://astrostyle.com/Scopes/Monthly_Scope/index.htm. I'm gemini. Already my January horoscope is describing my January experiences to a "T." What the heck?!

My weekly horscope (weekly horscopes are here: http://astrostyle.com/Scopes/Weekly_Scope/index.htm) is also pretty interesting, and close to my experience so far this week.

How does yours look?


sf said...

Well I hope you got that little license trub taken care of, and already have a passport!!

Masasa said...

Um, ahem, no. *But* I have filled out the paperwork to get a non-photo copy of my old-state license so I can at least have proof I am able to drive.

I've also filled out the paperwork to get my driving records for the new-state license application.

...These things just have to get mailed.

I also have all the info about what I need to do to get a new copy of my social security card for my new license application.

The bad news is that I found out to convert my old-state license to my new-state it will cost $110!!! That's $220 between G. and myself. Yipes! Not motivation to do it, but at least I am in process. Once I get my social security card, at least I can get myself a photo ID here even though legally I am still needing to get a driver's license here too.