Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ghost Towns

Something I would really like to do in my life is to "visit" at least ten to twenty distinct ghost towns.

I don't know when my fascination with ghost towns developed, and it is an ironic fascination in many ways because I am definitely not a "small town girl" in any sense. I think it has something to do with some gut level feeling that we all have some "ghost towns" inside of us: places we dwell at one time, but never visit again for any number of reasons. I find the idea really interesting, and somehow visiting ghost towns seems an appealing way to explore that. Maybe someday I'll spend a sabatical that way, in a road trip to multiple ghost towns.


Anonymous said...

i find Prypriat ( near Tchernobyl, it is where all the workers of the nuclear plant live with their families) strangely fascinating, if i was not too scared of the possible health problems i would definitely visit, but for now videos will have to do.

( )

Miri at

Masasa said...

Ack! Scary! Especially set to music! Fascinating too, though, you are right!

Jofish said...

I don't know about the accuracy of your horoscope fellow gemini, but I do know that I share the same weird interest in ghost towns. I would love to go to some with you someday! Love Unkie Jofish

Masasa said...

Oh, that would be so fun!