Friday, January 2, 2009

Cute Kid Story

The other day M. found an old "mom and baby" yoga video and asked to watch it on the computer. I put it on for him, figuring he'd soon lose interest, and K. joined him. It occurred to me then that they could probably do the yoga, so I fetched them each their respective baby dolls. So super sweet! M. watched intently and did the yoga with his "baby" uninterrupted for five minutes before deciding he was done. K. too was done in five minutes, and didn't "do" much of the video, but did stand there holding her "baby," smiling and mesmerized.

Also, I have to write this down somewhere or I am going to forget forever: I discovered that M. calls chapstick "lip chap." I know its just because I am his mom, but I find that so endearing!

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