Wednesday, September 3, 2008


And in case anyone is tempted to buy the argument that "veterans joke," and that is why a candidate for President of the United States can sing "Bomb Iran" as a joke...let's just remind ourselves of McCain's record.


sf said...

Seriously. Scary. On so many levels.
SM, you need a job which would make better use of your myriad skills.

Masasa said...

My job makes use of a wide variety of skills, but did I already post that I would love the job of being one of the campaign people who just monitor every time a candidate's name is mentioned somewhere, to keep up with what people are saying and developing strategy, etc.? I don't know if that is a real job or if I just made that up, but I would love doing that. I am imaginging sitting all day at the computer combing the internet for new things being said, and watching media at the same time.