Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Come On!

I just don't get it. I am trying to understand. Really trying. But I just don't know how a reasonable person could vote for someone who does something like this, who thinks war is a joke. This clip has been out for a long time, yet somehow folks aren't terrified of the idea of him being President?

Call me dense, but I just don't get it.

And then he says he's proud of it?

And then the most intelligent, thinking defense he can offer is "get a life"?


sf said...

While I think EVERYONE should be able to "joke", I agree that a war like this one, which, like Vietnam, has polarized much of the world, is not the proper venue for someone looking to hold our highest office. Like it or not, politicians, like entertainers, by putting themselves out in the public, become the recipients of a certain amount of scrutiny and judgement of that public.
McCain shows himself to be cavalier (if nothing worse) about a particularly serious issue, and I think it disrespectable to say the least of many, and on many levels.
And truly, I think it's more than that, I think it's (blank blank blank) scary. (I would have used a few pithy swear words, but made a vow to stop swearing since it gets Colin stressed.)

Masasa said...

What an elequent comment.