Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet Big Brother Moment

With two kids eleven months apart in age, there can definitely be moments of sibling rivalry, fighting, and all the rest.

But then there are these incredibly sweet and tender moments when I remember that my kids are truly best friends too, and that they love each other dearly.

Ever since M's birthday party at the firestation, almost every day, the kids have wanted to read the fire-safety coloring books that the firefighters gave them. There is stuff in there about creating a fire safety plan with your family, including a safe meeting place outside your house.

M has said all kinds of cute things about this, including insisting that our meeting place should actually be at church because that is a good, safe spot LOL. I told him that we had to meet somewhere that he could go by himself, in case mamas couldn't get out of the house. We had decided on the basketball hoop in the driveway we share with our neighbor. That's because we don't want the kids out by the street, and the driveway is a safe distance away from the street, and up a little hill. The hoop is on our neighbor's side of the driveway. Of course, since we normally don't let the kids go out on the driveway without supervision, this was a bit alarming to M. Tonight he asked about K getting out to the meeting spot. He seemed a bit worried until he said with confidence, "I will hold her TIGHT and keep her safe!"

He followed that up with, "When she is four, she can go out by herself like me [if there is a fire]."

They love each other so much!


sf said...

Yay, he's got it covered!

boatbaby said...

So sweet! I love how he leads with his heart.

seppie said...

What a good brother!