Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Couple More Cute, Quick Stories

Today I was watching the kids play on these "cars" the person who used to own our house left for them. After a while, M pulled his car up next to K's and said, "Do you want to have a conversation?"

Also, G told me that a few days ago when they were visiting with G's sister, M cleaned up his "dirty joke" for his aunty. M and K have this ongoing joke they tell at home. It is simply:

"Poo poo in the egg!" Followed by giggling.

Our rule is that they can stay stuff like that at home, when we don't have guests, but that they may not talk about things like pee and poop in front of others, or when we are out and about. So, to his aunty, M said:

"Aunty B...bubble in the egg!" Followed by giggling.

It's impossible not to laugh at a beginner joke teller who thinks his jokes are hilarious, so she laughed. But she really appreciated the humor later when G told her that this was a cleaned up "dirty joke."

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sf said...

Kid jokes, gotta love the dada factor.
(As in surrealist, not father!)