Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is something good to know about

A week or two ago, a mom on one of my internet discussion boards posted that she will be deploying to Iraq shortly. She has a one year old. She was looking for tips and commiseration from folks who have been through such things, and I posted to her about my experiences being separated from my kids a year and a half ago. Then someone else posted this, which I had never seen before:


I thought that this type of concept (maybe the picture blanket squares) would have been another source of comfort for my kids when we were apart. It was truly an incredibly difficult period on both ends. One of the interesting things I heard said about the war in Iraq on NPR a few weeks ago was that this war is an unusual one in that the human toll continues to be great, but that statistically, few of us actually know anyone who is deployed. Still, I think this is a good resource to know about for anyone any of us may come across who is looking for family resources before they deploy (or are facing separations from their kids like I was, for other reasons).

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Sara said...

My husband made a video tape of himself reading bedtime stories, and I played that for Carbon while he was gone. We also took lots of pictures of him with Carbon, so Carbon would remember that they "went together" and he was part of the family.