Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is My Wife

Okay, it's not really my wife. But this is what I come home to most days of the week. A big tortilla-making mess on my kitchen table and my wife with sore tortilla-rolling shoulders (and the kids assuring me "we made tortillas for you today..." funny how even though the tortillas are for us, they always say they are special for me). The big excitement-- according to the kids-- is always whether she made flour or corn tortillas. Bless her, I love her...she takes such good care of all of us.


sf said...

Wow! She is GOOD!!! If Gina can do that, I'm impressed,

Masasa said...

Well, the main difference is that she does not handshape them. She uses a plate as a template because she can't stand even the smallest imperfection in the circle. A few days ago she also decided to transition over to the sugar cookie method...rolling out all the dough into a large flat surface approximately the size of the table and then cutting out the circles. That will look a whole lot different, but she thinks it will work better since she has started using a template.

But still...she is GOOD.