Saturday, December 6, 2008

Federal Budgets and Marriage Equality Laugh Break

Some fun things from

This federal budget game is great.

And then there is this marriage equality idea, though I have to agree with the person who commented that this would not really work in the pacific northwest since "partner" is a very accepted term for marriages hetero and queer alike.


hopalong said...

My initial, visceral reaction to the Marriage Equality thing was honestly, "This is dumb." I see the point, but I think maybe I just feel weird about social experiments (for lack of a better term) that try and force a majority to feel like a minority... besides the fact that it's a constructed situation (and so doesn't accurately elicit the "minority" feeling, I would think), there's a bizarre sort of glee in it. Like, "There! How do you like that!"

I think if someone told me I wasn't "really" married (but really, I don't even have to say "if" here), I would just sort of shrug. None of their business, and I wouldn't judge the validity of my marriage on their authority, anyway.

Of course, I think the poster's point was probably more to explore the idea than a blueprint for The Way They Will Now Interact With People.

I don't think marriage should be a legal institution at all, particularly since (as my family has been learning the hard way -- my parents were separated for many years, but still legally married) marriage doesn't always ensure as many protections and rights as it seems.

But I don't think that Prop 8 (or similar legislation) is going to do anything to make marriage any less of a legal institution; I wouldn't have voted for it if it were on my ballot, but I still would have seen it as a compromise rather than a Godsend.

hopalong said...

P.S. I really got a kick out of the Budget Hero game, thanks for posting it!