Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting With the Assistant Director of Admissions at Harvard Divinity School

Somewhat spontaneously (as in, I was thinking I'd do it closer to fall...but my questions were building too rapidly), I called and set up a time for an "informational meeting" with an Assistant Director of Admissions at HDS. I am going TOMORROW!

While this is an "informational meeting," and is likely to have 3-5 other students in attendance, it is also listed on the admissions page under the question "does Harvard Divinity School require an interview as a part of the admissions process?" The answer is basically "no, but we encourage you to come in for a small group informational meeting with an Assistant Director of Admissions."

So, nerves time. I'd like to know how to make the best of this opportunity. Any suggestions?

Should I bring my transcripts and specific questions? Should I try to present like I would at a job interview?


Jofish said...

Yes you should bring everything you would normally bring to an interview, however you should only present it if asked for. Better to be safe as they say. But mostly try and shake off your nerves and just be you. You would be amarvelous addition to their program and they will be able to see that if you just be you! Good Luck! Oops, by the time you read this you will have already gone! Oh well... So much for advice!Luvsya

Masasa said...

Well, it didn't go particularly well. I used it more as a time to ask my admissions related questions (some that she wasn't even "allowed" to answer), when clearly in retrospect I really should have taken advantage of the opportunity to treat it like an interview. Live and learn I guess. Bleh.