Sunday, July 5, 2009


Something I dream of doing with my children is a trip to Africa, perhaps Ghana. I think the cultural exchange aspect of such a trip would be amazing!

There is at least one organization ( I have found that has a volunteer program in Ghana for families to do together. Since I have no money at all, I'd have to fundraise it. That's common for folks traveling to volunteer. Adding up the program fee for one (not sure how much they would charge for kids as young as mine) plus a very, very modest assumption about the cost of the flight, it seems like I would need a minimum of about 80 people to donate $50.

I see that and think, "that could be do-able." And then a second later I think, "I'd be crazy to imagine I could do that." Say I could get 25 folks from the church, 5 from my family, 5 from G's family, and 5 friends to do it. That's half of what I would need. The problem would be the other half. Plus, I am assuming there would be naysayers about a trip like that for a young family (including G, who has already said she is not going to come with us...she even hates traveling in the states), so I'd have to address that for fundraising. Hmmm.

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