Monday, June 15, 2009

Politically, about Obama, I feel...patient

While searching a TOTALLY unrelated topic on the web, I came across this blog:, and on it, this video:

Watching the video, I was most touched by those who used the word "human" to describe their feelings in the days after Obama's election. Now, about six months later, the question still seems relevant enough...and my answer would still be one of those from the list:


It was hard to know, in November, whether we should congratulate Obama on winning or send him our sympathies. What a mess! So far, steady feet. Not perfection. I didn't expect that. Not "everything I could ever agree with and nothing else." I didn't expect that either. But steady feet, humble but strong, thoughtful, and strategic leadership, and a genuine effort at leadership with integrity. I am feeling open, willing to participate, and patient.

And I thank Peacebang for her reaction to this photo, here, which I didn't mirror in enthusiasm, but could truly appreciate:


boatbaby said...

Right on!
And thank you for sharing the link to that photo. Wow. Just plain wow.

sf said...

The song in the video always brings tears to my eyes...